About us

CEE Digital Coalition

CEE Digital Coalition is an informal gathering of digital and advanced technologies industry organisations from Central Eastern Europe, bringing the region together on its digital path. Members of the coalition work together to boost the digital transformation of the region’s economy and informational society. They strive to promote close business and policy-making cooperation between the countries of CEE in the field of digital. Associated organisations declare their will to support governments, as well as European decision makers and businesses in developing an environment for rapid and safe digital development in Europe, aligned with the best interest of their region. The cooperation was initiated by the Digital Poland Association.

Our goals

The Coalition was established in September 2020, when 12 organisations signed the “Warsaw Digital Declaration” agreeing to cooperate, appealing to their governments for a united front in all matters regarding digitisation and identifying areas and challenges they deem critical for the common growth of CEE’s digital economies. The fields of interest and goals have been revised in 2021 during CEE Digital Summit in Warsaw and are as follows:

  • Digital competence
  • Promotion of investments in advanced technologies
  • Common access to the internet and digital services for citizens in CEE
  • Cybersecurity and responsible data management
  • Support and development of start-ups
  • Support for digital transformation of small and medium enterprises
  • Uniform and clear regulatory environment
  • Improvement of connectivity through 5G networks development

Our origin

Calling the coalition together was a response to the dynamic progress of digital technologies development and their uptake by the economy, society and state around the world as well as the fact that it does not take place at the same rate throughout Europe. Realising that CEE’s countries are often on a similar stage of the digital path, Coalition was established based on the belief that Central Eastern European nations are not only culturally, historically and socially close to one another, but also have a common, unique digital identity, which can only be expressed if they work together.

17 organisations from 11 countries have been engaged in CEE Digital Coalition’s various activities since then. These activities include:

  • Providing insight of experts from the entire region by hosting conferences, educational workshops and other events
  • Participating in consultations of regulatory pieces, issuing statements and engaging in public discussion
  • Submitting joint proposals for projects in scope of international funding programmes
  • Supporting business represented individual organisations in establishing contacts and partnerships in the region.
  • Promoting and amplifying digital success stories, capabilities and the potential of Central Eastern Europe

The cooperation is celebrated and reinforced during the yearly CEE Digital Summit - a meeting of the region’s industry, digitally-engaged policy-makers and academic experts.


CEE Digital Coalition’s work is made possible thanks to the financial support of our Partners